The Link(Old)_CEIBS

The Link(Old)_CEIBS

Some of the Noteworthy Years from Simon Lichtenberg’s Life

Many notable times for businessmen going over their past are ones in which they have made great strides. Being multilingual gives simon lichtenberg ( a huge advantage in his intercontinental negotiations. Simon Lichtenberg was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award in 2006 by the Shanghai Municipal Government for his significant contributions to the development of the city.

Simon Lichtenberg's Difficulties

Whilst leading his business, in 1997 Simon Lichtenberg came under legal pressure because of the creation of counterfeit 'BoConcept' products; this was a difficult case for him to win. Simon Lichtenberg is now a success owing to him having to deal with difficulties he has encountered with tremendous persistence. Conquering one's problems and gaining wisdom from them is extremely valuable whilst one aspires to become a better person.

The Trayton Group and Simon Lichtenberg

The year 1995 was the period in which Simon Lichtenberg started his company: Trayton Group. Around 150m dollars is the annual turnover anticipated by Simon Lichtenberg's business, which hires 2,000 people. Every accomplished company must not simply work for profit but must also possess a good cause for its existence.

Simon Lichtenberg - His Amazing Qualities

Every adept business person deserves every single thing they've accomplished due to their personal attributes and dedication. Simon Lichtenberg was presented with the Magnolia Silver Award in Shanghai, China because of the role that his organisation played in improving the city's standard of living. It is apparent that Simon Lichtenberg has incredible will-power and determination as an entrepreneur because he has prevailed in his mission to build his own organisation in the forward-thinking nation of China.

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