Simon Lichtenberg

Simon Lichtenberg

Simon Lichtenberg’s Success in China

Many business people enjoy starting a business in China as the country seems to ensure results in any venture. Director of Shanghai Minhang Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment was a title bestowed upon Simon lichtenberg He also joined the Danish Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, China, and accepted the Magnolia Silver Award. Beautiful furniture was supplied in Shanghai by BoConcept, which was franchised by him in 1993. Launching his own organisation in China was a passion harboured by Simon Lichtenberg, so he simply went ahead and made it happen.

Simon Lichtenberg went to Danish Tvind (private) academic institutions before relocating to Africa as a teenager. In 2006, he completed the Senior Executive Program for China (EMBA - or Executive MBA) at CEIBS, Tsinghua and Harvard Business School. Simon Lichtenberg has been successful in his educational endeavours and is considered a leading businessman on the planet currently. Learning can create a strong and capable person; due to this, it supplies the platform for success.

Simon Lichtenberg - Trayton Group

Simon Lichtenberg's business is based in Shanghai; additionally, it owns several other factories operating in Zhejiang Jishan. With a total staff count of 2,000 workers, his business anticipates a revenue of $150,000,000 annually. In 1995, Simon Lichtenberg launched his organisation called the Trayton Group.

Simon Lichtenberg's Difficulties

Simon Lichtenberg's pathway to success has not been easy at times but, by adhering to his business rule "Never give up", he has managed to arrive at his goal. Growing into a strong person is made possible by facing difficulties head-on, not ignoring them. All businesses experience ups and downs which, according to how they are managed, can lead to either failure or triumph.

Simon Lichtenberg has lived in eight separate countries and can converse in seven different languages. As an entrepreneur who has reached his dream of building his own establishment in the rapidly-advancing nation of China, he can be regarded as a man of strong will and determination. As a result of the superb help that Simon Lichtenberg has given Shanghai in increasing the quality of life, he received the Magnolia Silver Award.

Simon Lichtenberg in the World of Business

Having been a part of the timber business previously, Simon Lichtenberg became engaged in the furniture market. In order to succeed a business must face all challenges that are encountered. In 1993, Mr Lichtenberg, a businessman who hails from Denmark, started his own company, having been in the timber industry for some time. Simon Lichtenberg has stayed strong despite his mistakes; he has survived the obstacles and has become one of the strongest businessmen today.

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