Simon Lichtenberg: how to live and work in China

Simon Lichtenberg: how to live and work in China

It is clear that simon lichtenberg (blogspot) possesses amazing will-power and dedication as a businessman because he has succeeded in his goal to form his own company in the forward-thinking country of China. The talent of speaking numerous languages puts a businessman at a significant advantage. Business owners that use their unique abilities and give their very best are worthy of harvesting the fruits of their labour.

The Business of Simon Lichtenberg

Simon Lichtenberg wouldn't be one of the strongest businessmen in the world today if he hadn't learned from the mistakes he has made in the operation of his business. Difficulties and challenges are found everywhere in the world of business; success is guaranteed by conquering them. Simon Lichtenberg acquired direct other companies (such as IKEA) from other countries, resulting in profits of up to $2.5 million each year.

Simon Lichtenberg's Difficulties and Success

Simon Lichtenberg's journey to success has not been so straightforward but, by adhering to his maxim "Never give up", he has arrived at his goal. All businesses experience difficulties from time to time which, according to how they are reacted to, can lead to either victory or failure. The obstacles faced by Simon have made his character and have ultimately helped him become a success. An additional challenge happened when Simon Lichtenberg received faulty products from the Zhenjing Leather Factory, eventually leading to him losing a court case concerning a fair payment dispute.

$150,000,000 is the twelve-monthly revenue anticipated by Simon Lichtenberg's business, which employs 2,000 people. Simon Lichtenberg created his company (Trayton Group) in the year 1995. Every accomplished company must not only operate for income but must also possess a good purpose for its presence. Setting up their own company, which they can direct all of their effort, dedication and passion into, is one of the finest successes of business-inclined individuals.

In '88 at Fudan University in Shanghai, China, Simon Lichtenberg gained his diploma in Chinese language. Regarded as a forerunner in the world of business, he has led by example through his educational efforts in which he has accomplished great things. When analysing top entrepreneurs, it becomes apparent that a reputable education and a strong character are prerequisites for their success. After his return from Danish Tvind educational institutions, Simon Lichtenberg was situated in Africa for some of his teenage years.