Focus on Graaloneline Zone, the 1st MMO game for mobile

Focus on Graaloneline Zone, the 1st MMO game for mobile

Graalonline is a massive multiplayer online game by Stephane Portha, the founder of EuroCenter Games. He is the founder of Graalonline, and is a pioneer in the world of video games. Hundreds of players can play a unique game play.

The game is quite enjoyable to play because players can interact with each other. Graalonline games are so popular that over fifty thousand players have downloaded the games.

What kind of Graalonline games are available?

The following Graalonline games are available for free for a limited time on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and on Google Play for Android: Graalonline Classic+, Graalonline Era+, and Graalonine Zone+ The following games are available on Amazon Appstore for Android: Graalonline Classic!, Graalonline Era! and Graalonine Zone!

Graalonline games can be categorized:

  •  Graalzone: which is a futuristic 2D battle game
  •  Player Worlds: where the players can create their own worlds and game
  •  Graalonline Classic: which allows gamers to explore worlds and chat with friends
  •  Graal Kingdoms: where players emerge in the adventurous Medieval MMORPG

Graalonline Zone, the 1st MMO game for mobile

Graalonline Zone was the first MMO game for iPhone and iPod touch. It is a futuristic 2D battle game. It has two main features: Graalonline Zone+ and Graalonline Zone! It has a great number of players worldwide.

Graalonline Zone+ is downloadable for free on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and on Google Play for Android . However, Graalonline Zone! is available on Amazon Appstore for Android.

Graalonline Zone is a multiplayer arcade game and Graalonline Zone+ is a unique game play experience. This 2D game evolves around a futuristic battle. When you enter a battlefield, you can join hundreds of other players. The game is set in other planets, and your missions are to protect your planets and conquer other planets.

To reach these objectives, players use dual-stick controls, powerful weapons, robots, squads throughout the game play. It is quite awe-inspiring and enjoyable to play. It is even more fascinating that the game is available to play on Facebook. All you have to do is to log in into your Facebook account and go to the Graalonline Zone game.

Graalonline Zone: Specific features

Graalonline Zone is a 2D game. A new version has been issued recently. Specific features have been added to the game make it more enjoyable to play:

  •  Improved speed: the game plays soon after you start it.
  •  Game settings: over 1000 looks for your head, hats, suits
  •  A wide range of weapons, swords, and shields
  •  Lovely music
  •  Multiplayer mode: players can interact with each other
  •  Build your own house, choose and place furniture
  •  Robot pets, which can be programed by the players
  •  Graalonline Zone codes
  •  Trialplay offers: Players can play the game for free for a limited period of time

System requirements to play Graalonline Zone

If you play the latest version of Graalonline Zone on 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod 4 and iPad1, the system requirement is iOSS or higher. For Android, the minimum operating system is Android 2.1. To try the game for free on the internet, go to . Then, download and install the game. While the game is being downloaded, create your account for free by clicking on the specific link. Players can either Try Now for Free at a limited time; or subscribe as a Gold member and play 5 hours per month.

However, if you are interested in playing more games, it is advisable to Subscribe to Graalonline by clicking on the link. In order to smoothly play the game in your computer, it is recommended that layers use the system requirements for Windows, Linux and Mac computers.

Have a good time!